Pacific Construction Ltd

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Who We Are

We are a dynamic construction company, working with some of the biggest contractors in the UK, and working on
some of the largest project scheme’s in Europe

1999 . Pacific Construction Ltd Was Founded

Pacific Construction Ltd was founded and created by Eamonn McClafferty in August 1999.

2003 . Pacific Construction Is Growing

Pacific Construction begins to establish itself and gain a substantial foothold in the construction industry, meeting new contractors and clients.

2006 . Pacific Construction Moves to New Offices

Pacific moves into new offices in Beckenham, London.

2008 . Pacific Construction Builds Its First Apartment Block

Pacific builds its first apartment block in London for a construction value of £2.5 Million.

2010 . Pacific Construction Becomes More Established In The Construction Industry

Pacific has started to become contractors and clients first choice for new projects, through providing outstanding services.

2014 . Pacific Construction Expands To Leicester

Pacific Construction takes on new employees and begins to create an office and branch in Melton Mowbray, Leicester.

2015 . Pacific Construction Relocates To New Offices in London

Pacific Construction has continued to grow and this has lead to the company having to move to a bigger establishment, and taking on more employees.

2018a . Pacific Construction Complete The Construction Of Their New Offices In Leicester

Pacific successfully build new offices for their Leicester branch in Melton Mowbray.

2018b . Pacific Construction Complete The Construction Of Their Steel Fabrication Yard In Leicester

Pacific successfully built and opened their own steel fabrication yard in Melton Mowbray.

Our Values

Health & Safety
We have a duty of care towards our employees and subcontractors. We ensure the places we work in are safe and secure environments. We identify potential dangers and put practices in place to prevent potential injuries, via changing the lay of the land and by providing protective equipment and clothing
Health & Safety
Research is always undertaken before any project begins. We recognise the tasks at hand and the best way to achieve and execute them. Through an experienced team and a vast amount of partnerships in the industry, we are able to efficiently and effectively take an idea of a client and turn it into a reality
Sustainability Pacific source all of the products we use on our sites from sustainable suppliers only. We make sure all of our materials are sustainably and environmentally sourced, and that our suppliers have an ISO accreditation or equal standard. We recycle, reuse or recover all of our waste, if any is produced. We also use ‘bre SMARTWASTE’ for clients
We are constantly challenging the way we work by instilling a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing. We attack complacency and seek to continuously improve. Pacific are always looking for the latest methods and tactics for construction innovation, so we can make our sites safer and more sustainable for the future

Our Mission

Our mission is continuously give efficient & effective services to our clients, via utilising the most innovative and cost effective methods, whilst sustainably achieving schemes, and keeping our team safe

How we work

1. Understanding Your Needs
We will identify the wants and needs of a client and see what is achievable and attainable, and what else can be offered or altered to make the client fully satisfied. Any unique scheme requirements will be understood, and we will adapt our approach and procedures accordingly.
Planning & Developing
We would plan out what is be the best way to undertake the construction task at hand. We will identify how we will execute the project, and what would be the most effective and efficient way of doing so. A detailed framework will be set out describing how we will function on site.
Sustainably Constructing
We will seek out the most sustainable and environmentally friendly innovations at the lowest costs, then we will begin to construct the proposed scheme, whilst taking due care and attention of what the client wants, what place we are working in, where and who we are working around.

Our Team

Eamonn McClafferty

Managing Director

Tom Parker

Commercial Director

Dave Heylin

Contracts Director

Christian Johnson

Procurement Manager

Mihail Chelmenciuc

Contracts Manager

Corneliu Chelmenciuc

Contracts Manager

Lia Chelmenciuc

Office Manager